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Come. I miss you. Let’s talk again. I have candy.

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Schizophrenia – I’ve changed identities…again

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It’s been a good ride

As I mentioned previously, I’ve started a company called Starved Fool. Currently, we’re developing a product called Quote Faster which will be launching in beta next week (more details on that later). In order to keep my sanity, and to scratch an itch I’ve been feeling for a while, I’m going to consolidate my online self under one name:

Starved Fool.

I’ve migrated years worth of email, my Twitter account (and followers, thankfully) and exported all my blog posts to (past comments will be available shortly). The blog even uses the same design as this one. See how easy I’m trying to make this for you? But there is one thing I can’t do.

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New, uber creepy Skittles commercial. I love it.

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